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An internship with American Century Investments® is designed to help you learn, succeed and gain a competitive edge in job seeking and your career. You’ll actively contribute and participate in meaningful projects that impacts our results and give you bragging rights.

We’re looking for people with diverse backgrounds and skills to be part of our exciting business and culture. Apply today.


CEO Jonathan Thomas at a breakfast meeting with our interns.

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Employee Engagement.

Mentors & Feedback

You’ll have access to experienced professionals from whom you can learn and get feedback, in addition to your manager.

Talent Development.

Career Development

During the internship, we assess your skills and see if your needs match ours. In some areas, top performers may be offered a position.


Community Partnerships.

Personal Benefits

• Competitive pay
• Early access to a retirement plan with matching funds
• Networking opportunities across the company

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Requirements and Recruiting

Each internship posted includes specific requirements for the position. We recruit from competitive and diverse colleges. While we may not travel to your campus, we encourage you to visit your university’s online career board to search for current opportunities or visit our career site.


  • Corporate
  • Investment Management
  • Information Technology
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Got 10 weeks in the summer to learn and get exposure to a variety of corporate functions? Consider applying for an internship in one of the areas listed below. You’ll receive hands-on experience, as well as professional and personal growth as you interact with teams across the company. Plus, you can gain essential knowledge for your career ahead.

Corporate Opportunities

Most placements are in our Kansas City headquarters, but there are some opportunities in our New York and California offices. Regardless of location, you’ll work with top professionals who can help you strengthen your skills. Typically, our interns are college sophomores or juniors in a related field of study.

  • Sales/Personal Financial Solutions
  • Client Operations
  • Finance/Accounting
  • Marketing/Communications
  • Legal/Compliance
  • Human Resources 

Internship Experiences

Julisha Wilkins, 2020 Sales & Distribution Intern

Julisha Wilkins

Sales & Distribution Intern

By interning at American Century Investments, I was able to not only gain financial knowledge, but connection knowledge as well. I learned valuable skills and information that I would not have learned in a classroom setting. I enjoyed meeting all of the amazing colleagues and I highly recommend it for anyone who yearns for an one of a kind internship experience!


Jake Theiss, 2020 Sales & Distribution Intern

Jake Theiss

Sales & Distribution Intern

Working with ACI this summer was an unbelievable experience. Throughout the summer, I was able to immerse myself in learning from top professionals in the finance industry, department managers, and my fellow PFSCO interns. Above all, I was impressed with ACI's commitments to its employees and culture that is dedicated to diversity and inclusion.


Macie Lawrence, 2020 Sales & Distribution Intern

Macie Lawrence

Sales & Distribution Intern

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to participate in such a prestigious virtual internship, despite the uncertain times. Over the course of 10 weeks, I had the opportunity to exponentially strengthen my knowledge of the financial industry, as well as my professional skills and development with the support of the ACI community. I am more excited than ever to pursue a career in the asset management industry, and am thrilled to see what the future holds!


Exposure to a host of investment capabilities can enhance your career. Our undergraduate and graduate programs could be the experience you’re looking for. We hire exceptional people of high integrity who can thrive in a team environment. Over 100 investment management interns have participated since the programs were founded. Will you be the next?

MBA Investment Analyst Summer Associate Program

Spend up to 12 weeks gaining real-world exposure to the ins and outs of a variety of investment capabilities. We often recruit directly on campus for first-year MBA students, but also check your college career board for opportunities.

  • U.S. Growth Equity (Kansas City, Missouri)
  • U.S. Value Equity (Kansas City, Missouri)
  • Fixed Income (Mountain View, California)
  • Disciplined Equity (Mountain View, California)
  • Global & Non-U.S. Equity (New York City, New York)

The Experience

Seasoned investment professionals act as mentors and ensure you have someone to connect with often as you rotate through different capabilities.

Rotation managers provide formal feedback at the midpoint and end of each rotation. This feedback includes a detailed review to gauge your progress.

Undergraduate Programs

Our Undergraduate Internships within Investment Solutions and Investment Management provide useful experience in the workings of our investment organization as well as other capabilities. Typically, our undergraduate interns are college sophomores or juniors in a related field of study.

  • ETFs & Alternatives
  • Client Portfolio Management
  • Investment Communications
  • Office of the Chief Investment Officer

Internship Experiences

Paige Raborn, Girls Who Invest Intern 2020

Paige Raborn

Girls Who Invest Intern

American Century offered an amazing, hands-on introduction to the world of portfolio management. I was grateful to be challenged in such an educational way, especially while surrounded by a supportive and inspiring team. As a woman and as an emerging professional, I truly enjoyed my experience with ACI in Investment Management.


Emily Killion, Senior Investment Analyst

Emily Killion

Senior Investment Analyst

As an intern from New York University, I had the opportunity to analyze a wide variety of companies covering many different sectors and countries. I actively contributed to the team by recommending stocks for the portfolio.
The main difference between my experience at American Century Investments and my classmates was that I got to hit the ground running from day one. Many of them had to go through weeks of training before they started analyzing companies. The work I did had an immediate impact on the company.


Michael Li, Ph.D., Vice President and Portfolio Manager

Michael Li, Ph.D.

Vice President & Portfolio Manager

After graduating from the University of Michigan I was accepted to the Wharton MBA Program. In 2001, I was hired as an intern at American Century Investments. This was a great opportunity for me. The team-oriented culture and friendly people helped me fit right in. I worked with a great team where I participated in daily discussions about stocks and learned, hands-on, how decisions are made regarding which stocks to buy or sell.
Investment management interns are treated as analysts and some of the decisions as to which stocks to buy or sell were based on my recommendations.


Paul Howanitz, Investment Analyst

Paul Howanitz

Investment Analyst

Coming back to school, many of my classmates had one to three projects from their summer experience, whereas I had analyzed 12 companies across eight different industries and applied four different investment frameworks. I was extremely impressed by the broadness of the learning opportunities available through this program.

Innovation is critical at American Century Investments® as the financial industry evolves as fast as technology. That means you will work on the leading edge of applying technology to asset management and other areas of the company.

IT Opportunities

Undergraduate students who join our Information Technology Summer Internship program have the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with some of the industry’s most creative IT professionals covering a variety of roles. Typically, our interns are MIS or Computer Science college sophomore or junior students.

  • Emerging Technology
  • Cloud Engineering/Infrastructure
  • Data Engineering
  • Desktop Services
  • Application Development
  • .NET
  • ETL

The Experience

Seasoned IT professionals act as mentors and ensure you have someone to connect with often as you rotate through different capabilities.

Rotation managers provide formal feedback at the midpoint and end of each rotation. This feedback includes a detailed review to gauge your progress.

Internship Experience

Gabriella Willis, Information Technology Intern 2020

Gabriella Willis

Information Technology Intern

My experience with American Century Investments has been absolutely incredible. I was placed with a team of 5 hardworking, dedicated individuals who have taken the time and energy to pour their knowledge into me. I was provided with so many new programs and software that really drove my excitement for programming.

Shirad Rahim, Information Technology Intern

Shirad Rahim

Information Technology Intern

As someone who did not know what to expect for a virtual internship, American Century Investments hit the ball way out of the park! With American Century's Virtual Internship, I was given unique insights into the lives of company leaders who were geared and ready to answer any question. ACI also kept us interns socializing during our virtual internship with bi-weekly yoga, chocolate tasting and other fun events. My ACI mentors were always willing to help and would give non-stop information if I gave them the chance. The ACI family has been able to bestow onto me vats of real-life experience and knowledge in our new reality. I will forever be grateful for my experience and family at ACI.

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Diversity Has No Limits
What makes you different is what makes us different. At American Century Investments®, we recognize the value of diversity. We believe diversity is what makes us strong and what makes us complete as a workforce. As a company, we accept each person for who they are and the unique talent and strength they bring. It's one of the primary keys to successfully meet the demands of an ever-changing world.

EOE Policy Statement
American Century Investments believes all individuals are entitled to equal employment opportunity and advancement opportunities without regard to race, religious creed, color, sex, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age for individuals forty years of age and older, military and veteran status, sexual orientation, and any other basis protected by applicable federal, state and local laws. American Century Investments does not discriminate or adopt any policy that discriminates against an individual or any group of individuals on any of these bases.