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Stories about money and passion are nothing new. In fact, the combination of the two often yields enticing headlines. However, American Century Investments® story is one about passion for helping people—to become more financially independent and to give back something that’s more valuable than money.

Learn more about doing good when you’re fortunate enough to do well.

The Stowers' Act of Giving Back Paves the Way for Clients to Make an Impact


1958: Small Beginnings, Big Dreams

With two funds, three employees, 24 clients and $100K—James E. Stowers Jr. launches what is now American Century Investments.


1970s: Innovation Kicks In

Jim Stowers develops one of the first computer-driven stock screening processes—an innovative move that pays off for clients.


1980s: Growth & Inspiration

As American Century® grows, Jim battles cancer. From facing the disease, the Stowers are inspired to give hope to others.

Jim and Virginia Stowers sign the Giving Pledge, instituted by Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett.

Jim and Virginia Stowers sign the Giving Pledge, instituted by Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett, and rank 9th on Forbes' list of the world's biggest givers. The Stowers pledge more than 99% of their net worth, with gifts totaling close to $2 billion.


1990s: Connecting Health & Wealth

Jim and Virginia Stowers endow the Stowers Institute for Medical Research  from their personal fortune.

Virginia Stowers undergoes breast cancer surgery—reinforcing the couples' resolve to invest in medical research.


2000s: Culture of Giving Back

American Century Foundation is created to fund charities. Following Stowers lead, employees give back in the community.

The Stowers' vision is realized with the opening of the Institute. Later BioMed Valley Discoveries  opens to develop treatments.


2010s: Recognition & Promising Results

Dividends to the Stowers Institute total $1.7 billion.

The American Century® Championship  celebrates 25 years. The celebrity golf tournament supports the Institute’s vision.

BioMed Valley Discoveries, with Johns Hopkins Institute, announces promising results using tumor-destroying bacteria.

The Stowers, among the first 40 to sign the Giving Pledge , give more than 99% of their wealth for medical research.

American Century and the Institute receive the Financial Services Cares Award for the role they play in their fight against cancer.

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