Bacteria Superheroes

A classic good versus evil battle over tissue.

When it comes to fighting a foe such as cancer, it takes a strong defender that is able to destroy tumor cells, but leave the good tissue unharmed. It takes a bacteria superhero like Clostridium novyi-NT (C. novyi-NT), which is currently under investigation on inoperable tumors by BioMed Valley Discoveries.

Animal clinical studies by BioMed Valley Discoveries and collaborators have revealed positive results for pet dogs facing grim odds for either amputation or death from tumors. Because of those odds, their owners volunteered them for the clinical trials where the dogs were treated with C. novyi-NT, which is a weakened form of pathogenic C. novyi commonly found in soil.

In one study, about 30 percent of the dogs who underwent treatment showed that tumor tissue was destroyed and did not return during the follow-up period. Following these results, human clinical trials were launched. Phase 1 testing, the earliest stage of clinical trials, is currently underway at hospitals and clinics across the United States to further evaluate the therapy's safety and determine the appropriate amount of treatment to use.

Find out more about the research on C.Novyi-NT and its history at BioMed Valley Discoveries .

BioMed Valley Discoveries is innovative disease-related research and development company, created to fulfill Jim and Virginia Stowers' vision to translate research findings into potential therapies and treatments for patients. Its research focuses on projects that may be considered too early or too unconventional for traditional biotech or pharmaceutical companies. BioMed Valley Discoveries is funded by a supporting organization of the Stowers Institute for Medical Research.

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