Golfing "Fore" Prosperity

Golf That Gives Back? Why Not?

Exciting. Competitive. Fun for everyone. The American Century® Championship  celebrity golf tournament is one of the most entertaining celebrity events around. But there’s more. For more than 20 years, the heart of the tournament has been to give back and help change the lives of people. That makes sponsoring the event a great match for us.

We also seek to change the lives of others—through investing for their financial goals and also funding breakthrough medical research. Both reflect optimism as we ask, “Why Not” invest for a better future?

American Century Championship logo

Giving Back Is a Tradition

The Championship’s primary charity is the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, which is also our majority owner. As a world-class biomedical research organization, the Institute aims to defeat devastating diseases, such as diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer’s and cancer. Their mission and our unique ownership structure allows us and our clients to also positively impact the health and quality of life for millions of people.

A Different View of Prosperity

There’s a reason why some of our favorite celebrities return to the Championship year after year. They too know that prosperity means more than money.

Stephen Curry

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry is one of the NBA's greatest shooters and the league's 2015 and 2016 Most Valuable Player (MVP). He shares what personal responsibilities come with this title.

Carson Palmer

The power of these three things equals prosperity for NFL Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer.