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Our CIOs Discuss Current Market Opportunities & Risks

Economic news is everywhere—can you make sense of it? Now it's easier with the Investment Outlook. The outlook highlights key components that affect the economy and provides insights that may be important for your investments. Visit quarterly for the most recent update.

Key Takeaways

  • We can make a positive case for U.S. equities in the short run, but expected returns over the intermediate term are less attractive given where we are in the economic and market cycles.
  • The shift to digital platforms continues to create opportunities globally for growth and value managers alike, albeit in different sectors and industries.
  • Value investors are finding opportunities in the energy sector, where the market has been overly focused on commodity prices, and in health care where hot political rhetoric has created buying opportunities.
  • We see room for emerging markets stocks to continue to gain. We believe the catalysts of synchronized global growth and improving local markets are sustaining the rally and helping companies generate earnings growth.
  • In U.S. fixed income, we are still finding value among investment-grade corporate bonds, particularly those with BBB credit ratings, but we are avoiding the riskiest segments of the high yield sector.
  • We expect the wide spread differential between U.S. and European rates to narrow. Long position in U.S. Treasuries and short positions in European government bonds may be beneficial in this scenario.
  • In emerging markets, tight spread levels suggest reducing exposure to U.S. dollar-denominated debt in favor of local currency exposure.
  • We believe alternative sources of yield, such as bank loans, select asset-backed securities and collateralized loan obligations, offer opportunities in the current climate.

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