Uncovering Value Amid Tech Disruption

2019 Midyear Insights

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By Mike Liss - July 22, 2019

U.S. growth stocks extended their winning record over value stocks to 10 years. I believe a key reason for this performance disparity is disruptive change occurring in the business landscape. There are companies defying the status quo with new ways of thinking, and investors are trying to determine who can withstand the threats. For example, Amazon is challenging retailers and other industries, and Netflix is attacking the video market. But for all the talk about disruptors, we believe there will always be a market for value stocks.

The companies we focus on those we believe have the financial strength, management quality and foresight to survive and thrive in a new environment, although their stock prices may not currently reflect it. Taking it company-by-company, we’ve found some attractive risk/rewards open up, while at the other end of the spectrum we see companies with valuations too stretched to be rewarding to our clients.

Tune into my latest video to find out where we’re uncovering compelling investment opportunities and what we’re avoiding.


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    Uncovering Value Amid Tech Disruption

    There's always a market for value stocks out there, according to Sr. Portfolio Manager Mike Liss, even in industries disrupted by big tech.

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