Seeking Companies With Secular Growth Prospects

2019 Midyear Insights

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By Jeff Bourke - July 26, 2019

Here at the midpoint of 2019, markets look very familiar relative to recent years—grinding higher with growth leading value.  However, we have noticed that jitters may be setting in due to things like saber rattling with Iran and continued trade war and tariff talks.  We have been surprised at the extent to which tariffs actually have gone into place and affected the profitability of some companies.

While some indicators hint that the markets may have trouble repeating their gains in the second half, we remain focused on companies with longer-term growth prospects.  Additionally, our evaluation process is based on finding companies that generate high profitability levels and have sustainable competitive advantages.  We believe this enhances their ability to weather the storm.

In my most recent video, I explain what we look for and how our consistent approach positions us for the turbulence that may lie ahead. Click on the link below to get the full story.


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