Finding Growth Opportunities in an Uncertain Economic Cycle

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By Jeff Bourke - February 13, 2019

If you poll ten economists about precisely where we are in the economic cycle, you might get 11 answers at the moment. And if the major market volatility we saw in the final months of 2018 is any gauge, it seems many investors are inclined to believe that we’re in the late stages of that cycle.

That potentially bearish tendency can make the job of a growth investor—someone like me—a lot tougher in an environment where consumer staples (things like canned foods, soap and toothpaste) can become the go-to place to allocate money.

That’s where discipline and conviction come into play. As a growth investor, I operate under a certain thesis—and deviating from it isn’t fair to the people who entrust me with their money. Check out my latest video as I explain that idea in more detail, as well as offer a few thoughts on the much talked about—and feared—inverted yield curve.


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