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Stocks Reverse Course after Rallying on Tentative Trade Agreement

U.S. stocks declined significantly as investors grew concerned about whether the recent "truce" would hold between the U.S. and China in their ongoing trade conflicts.

Stocks Continue to Overcome Headline Risk

What will 2019 look like? This quarter, Portfolio Manager Mike Liss considers the cumulative effect of crosswinds such as trade tensions and tax cuts.

Turning the Tide on Plastic Waste

Learn about how we believe thematic investing can help address global waste issues.

Emerging Market Debt: It's Time to Get Tactical

Emerging market debt was the subject of much scrutiny in the third quarter, but Sr. PM Margé Karner believes that too many investors were painting with a very wide brush. Hear her thoughts on current valuations and how to pick your spots for exposure in a Q4 2018 outlook video.

Volatility Is the Guest Who Won't Leave

Earnings worries are giving investors indigestion before they even sit down for Thanksgiving dinner. Co-CIO Victor Zhang shares perspective on what investors can expect.

This Bull Market: Are We Late in the Game?

American Century Investments' CIO Rich Weiss nevertheless believes we're beyond the proverbial "bottom of the ninth" for the current bull market—and into extra innings.

Finding Opportunities in an Overlooked Asset Class

Asset-backed securities can be an attractive asset class just slightly off the traditional bond investor's beaten path. Learn whether they deserve an allocation in your fixed income portfolio.

Alternative Investments Managers Welcome Volatility’s Return

Volatility has made a comeback in equity markets. This quarter, Sr. VP & Head of Investment Solutions Cleo Chang explains how that benefits investors in the alternatives space.

As the U.S. Hikes Rates, Will Other Central Banks Follow?

Data suggests the European Central Bank might start raising rates in the middle of 2019. In his latest quarterly outlook video, CIO John Lovito explores what it means for the fixed income investor.

What if Growth Investing Falls Out of Favor?

Growth investing was still in favor during Q3 2018—but to a lesser extent. How would Large Cap Growth VP & Portfolio Manager Jeff Bourke approach a potential value-driven market? He shares three reasons he’s not worried in this quarter’s outlook video.

The People Have Spoken: What Now?

The shift in power in Congress may have far-reaching effects, including an impact on your pocketbook.

Rising Rates and Trade Wars in the Small Cap Value World

There are two topics that much of the investing world is fixated on right now: the multi-pronged trade war and rising U.S. interest rates. In a new blog post, Vice President & Sr. Small Cap Value Portfolio Manager Jeff John shares what it means to his slice of the market.

The Haunt of Red October: Fears of Stalling Growth, Slowing Earnings Spook Stocks

Fears of stalling growth and slowing earnings spooked stocks during the month of October 2018. Co-CIO Victor Zhang dissects market performance and provides perspective from years past.

Headwinds Ahead for Global Growth Stocks?

Despite a disjointed and volatile economic backdrop, Portfolio Manager Brent Puff remains optimistic on the 2019 outlook for equities. One issue, however, did surprise him in the third quarter of 2018.

60 Years Later, We Still Believe

Putting clients first and championing wise investing habits.

What the Brazilian Elections Means for Investors

The people have spoken: Jair Bolsonaro will be the new president of Brazil. Now CPM Nathan Chaudoin provides commentary on market reaction.

Emerging Market Stocks: Have They Hit Bottom?

2018 hasn't been kind to emerging markets. Sr. Portfolio Manager Patricia Ribeiro believes fears of contagion, which never materialized, caused the recent volatility. Read why she's still encouraged by opportunities.

Cyclicals Bear the Brunt of Volatility

The first wave of third quarter corporate earnings reports shared weak guidance on future earnings, which rattled investors—particularly those in the industrials sector.

Brazilian Election Results Signal Populist Shift

What happened in Brazil? CPM Nathan Chaudoin summarizes the Oct. 7 presidential election and explains what it means for investors.

What's New in the New NAFTA?

On Oct. 1, the U.S., Canada and Mexico reached an agreement to update the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, to address issues that were unheard of in 1994. From autos to eggs, the pact affects an array of industries. Today Co-CIO Victor Zhang summarizes the changes.

Six Observations Following a Volatile Week

The stock market took investors on a rollercoaster ride over the past week. What did we learn?

A Two-Day Tumble for Stocks

Stocks were battered amid growing concerns that rising interest rates, higher costs and trade tensions would squeeze corporate profits.

Will the Booming Economy Break the Markets?

It’s been a rollercoaster week for investors. Following the Dow’s record high close on Oct. 3, the stock market ended the week with a sell-off.