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Our Story

The American Century Investments® story begins in 1958, with the vision of Jim Stowers Jr. In his small Kansas City, MO apartment, Mr. Stowers started the company determined to be the best and driven by a simple mantra: If you make others successful, you will be successful, too.

Today, our story goes beyond our founder's original goal of making people financially successful. Our vision is embraced by people who believe in giving their best for the company and the communities in which we're located. Mr. Stowers and Virginia, his wife, embodied this vision in 1994 with the founding of the Stowers Institute for Medical Research through an endowment from their own personal wealth. The Stowers Institute focuses on finding long-term solutions for gene-based diseases.

Vision, Mission

Vision: We believe the ultimate measure of our performance is our clients' success.

Mission: We relentlessly focus on delivering superior investment performance and building long-term client relationships.

Experienced Investment Management

American Century Investments is a leading investment manager with more than 55 years of experience helping investors achieve their financial goals. Serving financial intermediaries, institutions and millions of individual investors, we offer a broad array of investment products across a variety of disciplines.

In a very real sense, investors put their future in our hands. With so much at stake, we continue to guide our work by one central belief, shared by every person at American Century Investments: We succeed when our investors succeed.

Our management teams are guided by well-defined, repeatable investment processes and are dedicated to fully invested, active management approaches.

Our Founder

Mr. Stowers had a reputation for being a passionate leader, who strongly believes the only way to do something-is to do it right and do it better than anyone else. He believed in hiring the best people and cared deeply about them. The Best Is Yet To Be is one of his best-known expressions, and he also had ingrained the idea that "making others successful is what makes you successful" throughout the organization. Employees recognize him and his principles as the driving force behind our culture-treating people fairly, honorably and with respect.

The Stowers Institute for Medical Research

Mr. Stowers was also the co-founder, along with Virginia, his wife, of the Stowers Institute for Medical Research—a world class biomedical research organization dedicated to improving quality of life by researching and uncovering the causes, treatment, prevention and cure of genetically-based diseases. Both Jim and Virginia survived cancer.

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