Investment Management Internship Program for First Year MBAs

American Century Investments® attracts and hires exceptional people of high integrity who thrive in a team environment.

Operating in a generalist capacity, investment management interns play a vital role. As a member of a team charged with managing one or more of the company's strategies, our associates provide timely fundamental research required for stock selection.

History and Success

Since the start of our program in 1998. Since then we have hosted over 100 investment management interns and have hired 35 as full time employees.

Exposure to Disciplines

Investment Management interns spend up to 12 weeks at American Century Investments where they will have exposure to a variety of investment capabilities, including:

  • U.S. Growth Equity (Kansas City, Missouri)
  • U.S. Value Equity (Kansas City, Missouri)
  • Fixed Income (Mountain View, California)
  • Disciplined Equity (Mountain View, California)
  • Global & Non-U.S. Equity (New York City, New York)

The Summer Associate Experience

Michael Li, Ph.D., Vice President and Portfolio Manager

My Story: Michael Li, Ph.D., Vice President and Portfolio Manager

After graduating from the University of Michigan I was accepted to the Wharton MBA Program. In 2001, I was hired as an intern at American Century Investments. This was a great opportunity for me. The team-oriented culture and friendly people helped me fit right in. I worked with a great team where I participated in daily discussions about stocks and learned, hands-on, how decisions are made regarding which stocks to buy or sell.

Investment management interns are treated as analysts and some of the decisions as to which stocks to buy or sell were based on my recommendations.

Emily Killion , Senior Investment Analyst

My Story: Emily Killion, Senior Investment Analyst

As an intern from New York University, I had the opportunity to analyze a wide variety of companies covering many different sectors and countries. I actively contributed to the team by recommending stocks for the portfolio.

The main difference between my experience at American Century Investments and my classmates was that I got to hit the ground running from day one. Many of them had to go through weeks of training before they started analyzing companies. The work I did had an immediate impact on the company.

Paul Howanitz, Investment Analyst

My Story: Paul Howanitz, Investment Analyst

Coming back to school, many of my classmates had one to three projects from their summer experience, whereas I had analyzed 12 companies across eight different industries and applied four different investment frameworks. I was extremely impressed by the broadness of the learning opportunities available through this program.

Mentors and Feedback

Experienced professionals act as mentors to interns, ensuring you have someone to confer with often. Rotation managers provide feedback on a regular basis—at the midpoint of each rotation—and at the end. This feedback includes a detailed review in order to gauge your progress.



Our internship program is a critical step in recruiting full time employees. You will be paid a competitive salary based on experience and education.

Retirement Plan

When you join our team as an intern, you will be enrolled on your first day in our Retirement Plan. This includes employer matching funds on your contributions.

Networking Opportunities

Investment Management interns participate in a robust schedule of activities that foster relationships with other investment professionals and provide exposure to other business units. One such activity is to attend sell-side meetings where you will you'll gain exposure to industry specialists and the management team of other companies.


Specific requirements are posted with each job listing. Investment management interns are students between their first and second year of their MBA program.

Getting Started

To begin the application process, use the Apply Now link. This will take you to our career site where you may search for open internship positions.

Campus Visits

We often recruit directly on campus to find top talent for our Investment Management Internship Program for First Year MBAs. Even though we may not come to your campus, you are encouraged to visit your university's online career board to search for open positions. Or, visit our career site.

Please note—our Investment Management Internship Program for First Year MBAs typically begins the Monday after the June CFA exam each year and ends the last Friday in August.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are internships offered at all locations?

Yes. However, the number of available positions varies by year.

What can I expect when I interview on campus?
The on-campus interview is typically a 30-45 minute interview with an American Century Investments representative. It is an opportunity for the interviewer to ask you a series of questions related to your experiences and also provides a chance for you to ask questions about American Century Investments.
If I am interested in an internship, how do I apply?

You can meet with us during a scheduled campus visit or check your university's online career board and our career listings for open positions. Apply online if you are interested in a position. If your application is selected, we will set-up a time for a preliminary interview. This may be followed with additional interviews in our office.

Who will I meet as an intern?

Associates will have an opportunity to meet Chief Investment Officers, Portfolio Managers, peer Investment Analysts and other professionals at American Century Investments.

How long is the investment management internship program?

The internship program runs 10-12 weeks. It begins the Monday after the June CFA exam each year and ends the last Friday in August. Exceptions may be made to accommodate your class schedule.

What else should I know about internship opportunities?

To support the professional development of our associates, we designate experienced professionals as mentors to each of our interns. Mentors provide feedback and guidance in areas such as job performance, human relations and role expectations.

To build relationships with other associates, interns and company professionals, you may participate in planned events such as attending a professional baseball game, shared orientations or planned off-site activities.

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