American Century Investments® is organized around six performance groups. This structure ensures alignment, accountability and allocation of resources based on company priorities.

Client Performance

This group unifies and integrates all company sales operations including institutional, intermediary, direct and international.

Investment Performance

This group oversees the management of our investment strategies strives to generate superior long-term adjusted returns.

Corporate Marketing & Development

In addition to corporate marketing, this group focuses on global products, investment content, corporate development, internal communications, and the facilitation of strategic planning and innovation.

Legal Performance

This group consists of departments that support the company to keep us safe, reduce risk and help us grow. In addition to legal matters, this area includes compliance and internal audit.

Operating Performance

This group provides strategic services to the company and its clients. Areas include client operations, finance, information technology and investment operations.

People Performance

This group combines functions that help leverage our people resources in support of our business strategy and values-based culture.

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