Investment Disciplines

Our management teams are guided by well-defined, repeatable investment processes and are dedicated to fully invested, active management approaches. We offer a comprehensive range of investment strategies for our clients.

U.S. Growth Equity

Our domestic growth investment teams are guided by the belief that the stock market will reward companies whose earnings and fundamentals are improving at an accelerating rate. We strive to identify these positive corporate change dynamics through fundamental and quantitative research and security selection techniques. We develop risk-controlled investment portfolios with the goal of superior growth versus relevant benchmarks.

U.S. Value Equity

Our U.S. value equity investment strategies are built on the belief that undervalued businesses have the potential to provide solid, risk-adjusted investment performance. We use fundamental research to identify and invest in quality companies that we believe are trading below their fair market value.

Fixed Income

Our fixed-income investment strategies are managed and structured to achieve superior performance through the active identification and selection of sectors and securities within a relative value, risk-aware framework. This approach is designed to generate consistency of investment performance and leads to risk-adjusted excess returns over time.

Quantitative Equity

Our quantitative equity product line offers a variety of investment strategies designed to produce superior risk-adjusted returns relative to their benchmarks. Our investment strategies systematically capture behavioral and other market inefficiencies through an unbiased, multi-factor approach in a structured, risk-controlled process.

Global and Non-U.S. Equity

Our global and non-U.S. equity team constructs portfolios of diverse holdings by identifying and investing in companies with accelerating earnings and other fundamentals. Our acceleration factors allow us to more effectively identify companies in the beginning stages of their growth cycle. This, combined with detailed fundamental analysis and a strict buy/sell discipline, is designed to help us generate excess returns over the long-run.

Asset Allocation

Our Asset Allocation investment team manages multi-asset class portfolios combining stocks, bonds and money market assets. They aim to optimize returns for two kinds of portfolios; for portfolios that target specific levels of risk exposure and portfolios that manage risk exposure toward a target date.